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In a statement released by the VICE CHANCELLOR, Ekiti State University PROFESSOR EDWARD OLANIPEKUN, it was revealed that EKSU will start taking in courses in agriculture. The statement reads:

“Talking about food security, it is something that must be taken seriously, because without food security there will be problems. If we are not able to feed ourselves there are bound to be challenges.

“Senate in its wisdom has just decided that, henceforth, all our students should take as a compulsory course an art of agriculture. In other words, they must have a grasp of something that has to do with agriculture.

“So, the curriculum is being put together by the faculty of Agricultural Sciences and as soon as that is concluded, it will be rolled out. We know the importance of food security, particularly in our present society and there is no way it’ Il occupy the back seat.”

PROFESSOR EDWARD OLANIPEKUN further says that the government needs to fund universities.

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