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This is needed to ensure that we pay more users at almost 100% efficiency!

Daily Login= 5 points = ₦5

Sharing sponsored posts = 10 points= ₦10 (daily)
Publishing contents= 50 points =₦50
Approved comment= 2 points= ₦2 (unlimited)) 
Sharing links as a referrer (referring visitors) = 1 point= ₦1
Sharing links as a referrer (referring signups) = 600 points= ₦600 (unlimited)

Instant Cash Reward:

Campus Challenge: ₦1, 000 or more per winner (Exclusive)

I sabi pass you: ₦1,000 or more per winner (Exclusive)

Real Full Update Here: Update to NCGist Community

Registration via card is available here: Pay for your code online

Free Members are also allowed now, read more about the differences here and signup for a free account here!

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