TANGLE Episode 24

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Tangle episode 24

Malik weighed both suggestions and concluded that the second one made more sense.
He assured himself that Helen would stay with them, with this he slept off.
The morning soon came and Malik found himself over anxious to see Helen but she didn’t come early. It was well past noon while both guys were playing poker that they saw her came into the house. Before Malik could say anything to her she burst into tears and ran into the room.

The emotional guy Malik was stunned by what just happened.
‘Why would she not even greet them? Did something happen to her mom?’ Malik thought.
Jeff, as usual, wasn’t moved a bit by this; instead, he focused on the game he was playing.
‘Jeff, what do you think happened to her?’ Malik asked.
‘How would I? I got no idea and besides its none of my business’, Jeff answered.
‘How could you talk like that? I got to go see her’ Malik said but before he could stand up, Helen came back in.

Malik was astounded by what she was holding. It was a traveling bag he presumed to contain all her things.
‘Guys, words will not be enough for me to show my appreciation to you. Without knowing me or where I came from, you took me in and accepted me into your home. I would have loved to continue living with you but I have to take care of my poor mom. Sorry guys I have to go’ she confessed with tears gushing down her pretty face.
Malik was too sober to say anything in reply. Helen was making her way for the door when she suddenly felt a hand held her back.

‘Please don’t go’ Malik said holding her wrist but she broke free and left the house.
Malik almost burst into tears as he watched Helen leaving the house.
‘So now that your girl decided to leave us, what do you plan on telling Chairman’ Jeffery asked.
‘I don’t know yet’ Malik answered.
‘You don’t know? Why don’t you tell him all about her so he can take care of her’ Jeffery suggested?
‘What do you mean Jeff? Do you mean the chairman should send his boys to kill her?’ Malik asked.

‘Yes, she has become a leakage which must be sealed’ Jeff answered.
‘Why are you this heartless Jeffery? Don’t you have a human feeling at all?’
‘Oh am heartless? Do you know what the Chairman will do to us once our information leaks out from your jewel? He will order our assassination to cover his track, that’s what he always does. Are you willing to risk our life for hers?’ Jeff asked angrily.
Without answering the question, Malik went into his room.

TANGLE Episode 23

Two hours later Malik was in his room smoking and drinking heavily. The habit Helen’s presence had denied him, he now resulted in it as a means of reducing the pressure on his shoulder. His friend was right about all he said but he couldn’t bear the thought of losing Helen. How is he now going to do it?’ He thought.
Series of knocks sounded on the door. He knew it was his only friend knocking so he rose up and made for the door.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

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