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Online bet companies are nothing new in our country today, there are lots of them around our neighborhood. In fact, it’s one of the most profitable business around now not just nation wide but globally. These companies make huge amount of money on daily basis, most especially during weekends when the number of games being played is in three folds than that of the weekdays. On this article, I will be laying my emphasis on how these companies have really affected its youth psychologically.

I have done my research by visiting several communities and I found out that 80% of our youths are heavily involved in gambling.

I am a fan of sport bet so am in a better position to explain how it feels when you make a number of selected predictions hoping to win or cash out as we all normally call it but just to end up feeling disappointed that a match decided not to play as predicted. It makes us derange especially when we have created a plan on what and how to spend the money. But some punters take it too far to the extent of thinking of committing suicide. For instance, you make a selection of 30 games and you have a possible winning outcome of 5million Naira. Unfortunately, at the last phase of the game a team decided to play the reverse of what you predicted. The punter will undergo psychological trauma for days if not weeks. But we punters we console ourselves with this naija adage “las las something must kill a man”

These companies have done more harm than good in the society;though the government should be responsible for the alarming rate on the augmentation of bet punters as a result of not creating sufficient amount of job employment for our youths and citizens. I assume if there had been ample supply of jobs in our economy, there will be massive depletion on the number of bet punters whereas, most people won’t also rely on it as a means of income.

Thank God for the emergence and development of NCGIST. It has proven to be one of the best online platform for assisting youths on financial aids by joining the community with a required amount of #1000 and performing some certain actions on the forum to earn points which is then converted into money.

My naija people bet is not a means of income you will continue suffering heart break if you don’t realize this today. I recommend NCGIST to you all as a trusted platform to battle your financial situation.

Join NCGIST today and thank me later.

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