Mixed feelings as Reverend leads grieving family to location where their kidnapped son was abandoned in a bush in Anambra

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There was an uproar in Awka, Anambra state after a Reverend led a grieving family to the location where their kidnapped son was abandoned.

The pastor, while reportedly under God’s direction, was given the location of a kidnapped boy and this led to him being rescued.

The boy was abducted, tied in a bag and dumped in a bush in Awka. The boy’s father, desperate to find his child, met the Reverend who then prayed and received a revelation of the missing boy’s location, according to members of the community where the incident took place. The pastor led the boy’s family to the location and, to their shock, the child was found there alive.

Residents of the community jubilated after the child was found as can be seen in a video going viral online. But web users weren’t so impressed and some suggested the pastor might have had a hand in the child’s disappearance, just so he can stage a miracle.

Below is a video.

Source: http://www.lindaikejisblog.com/2019/3/mixed-feelings-as-reverend-leads-grieving-family-to-location-where-their-kidnapped-son-was-abandoned-in-a-bush-in-anambra.html

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