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In love with the DJ Episode 19

A concoction of pain and anger was cooking inside Anita’s mind as she sat inside the taxi conveying her home. Even though she never wanted to set foot into the house again, she had no choice. She still has her things there and also had nowhere else to go. Biola; the only friend she had, had traveled to Port Harcourt to see her fiance.
She made a deep sigh as the taxi ground to a halt opposite the gate of their rented apartment. Her heart almost jumps out the moment she alighted and saw Charles’ car parked around the corner. She wanted to hop into the taxi again but it had already left. She whispered a few prayers before venturing into the house.

Immediately she stepped in, she was welcomed by Charles smiling face holding up a beautiful teddy bear. She frowns and shoved him out of her way. He quickly ran after her and kneel before her.
“Anny, I know what I did to you was cruel and I wish I could turn back the hand of time. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me.” He begged.

“For God sake please get out of my face.” She protested and started making for the stairs. She was shocked to realize that Charles had beautifully decorated the whole stairs with the word ” Anny am sorry”. She turned back facing him.
“What is the meaning of this?” She asked furiously pointing to the stairs.
“I want you to understand that what I did to you wasn’t intentional. I can’t seem to forgive myself for it.” Charles said remorsefully.

Tired of Charles’ pleas, she picks her small bag and made for the door.
“Anita please don’t walk out on me, I promise what happened will never repeat itself,” Charles called but she wasn’t listening.
The moment she opened the door, she was stunned by the figure standing before her. Pastor Stephen Oyekanmi; Charles’ father was at their doorstep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next morning, Benson went straight to the telecommunication company. He asked of the marketing manager and the receptionist told him that the man wasn’t around even though Benson had seen his car outside. He told the receptionist he would wait till the man gets back. After sitting for over two hours, the marketing manager came out of his office to see Benson patiently waiting for him.

“Oh Mr. Benson you are here, come on in. Let’s talk.” He ushered him in.
“Am so happy to finally see you, I have been waiting for you for hours,” Benson said.
“I hope you are here with the money?” The man asked.
Benson moved his chair closer to the man.
“It’s the main reason I have come, sir. What happened to my client is just slander, please let’s not cancel a multi-million naira project because of it.” Benson persuaded.

“Your client is in a mess right now and as a cooperate organization, we can’t afford any form of bad publicity.” The man explained.
“It will all be over before the date set for the event,” Benson assured.
“The decision to cancel our deal with you came from the top, there is nothing I can do about it for you. You have been given three weeks to return the money or else, we will result in court.”

Benson was shocked by what he heard.
“But sir we can’t…” He was about finishing his sentence when the man cut him off.
“There is no but Mr. Benson, the decision is final and as you can see I have a whole lot of work to do. I would appreciate it if you can excuse me.”
Benson stood up and left the office in total confusion.


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