What is NCGist?

NCGist or ncgist.com is a website (community) created for fun and money. We are targeting every student in every campus. This is not to say that we are limited to only students, everyone in one way or the other has been a student and can sign up to join the community, to interact, create(publish) and earn.

Why join NCGist?

The answer is simple and it is summarized in this quote: “why go online when it cannot add to your source of income”. We are making every one a blogger. You have the chance to write your own posts and ideas, we get it to the audience and you get paid. Bloggers are millionaires, hence, we plan to share the revenue among our members and users, much of which are students, with daily need for income to survive the not so conducive educational conditions. 

What must I do to get paid?

Good question! I bet you also believe in the idea of no work, no pay. We pay our users for every activity they do daily. Your work is just to read, interact, write (create or publish), refer others to the community and you get paid.

How do I get paid?

We reward users with points. Each point is valued at ₦1. That is, each activity that you do daily on the website is allocated a certain point ranging from 1-1000 points depending on the value of the activity.

How do I convert this to money?

Once you have accumulated a minimum of 3000 points, you can request for payment. We will buy the points from you. Points can also be used to buy digital resources like books from our shop (store) online or transferred as gifts to other users.

Do I need to refer to get paid?

NOT REALLY, to help grow the community, you need to have at least 2 referrals to be paid, premium users or free users. We reward you with points for referring new members to the community. You can always get your referral link when you click on your profile photo if logged in. More-so, each user must be activated for you to be paid. If you are a free member, you still need to refer two new users, free or premium. If you are a premium user, you must refer two premium users. You can read more about the differences by clicking here.

NOTE: You get 600 points (600 Naira) for every premium activation that comes through you, which increases your chances of being  paid first. How will you generate income to pay me?

We have many ways of generating income without asking our users to pay. Two of them are through advertisements and products sales. We will be selling adverts (targeted adverts) at every opportunity we have. We will also be selling lots of digital contents ranging from educational books (seminars, assignments, motivational books and many more that are available for this category) to business books (proposals, CV templates, cover letters and many more). Note: Buyers can either pay with points by buying them from us or pay to our bank account to be able to download the product. New member will also be paying to join the earning community.

We share revenues, hence, you need to help us make more revenue to facilitate larger sharing capital.

OK, how will you pay me?

Directly to your bank account. Your registered bank account details will be used.  Ensure that it is correctly filled to avoid transaction error. Maximum transaction time of 3-days is required every month, meaning we pay on two weeks interval.  You should make your request once.

What is the maximum earnings for an individual?

There is no limit, you can earn as much as possible. We will pay you for your work. This is subject to our revenue!

What are the activities and what points do they carry?  

Daily Login= 5 points = ₦5

Sharing sponsored posts = 10 points= ₦10 (compulsory)

Publishing contents= 50 points =₦50 (one per day)

Approved comment= 2 points= ₦2 (unlimited)) ** We post over 100 news per day.

Sharing links as a referrer (referring visitors) = 1 point= ₦1

Sharing links as a referrer (referring signups) = 600 points= ₦600 (unlimited)

Campus Challenge: ₦1, 000 or more per winner (Exclusive)

I sabi pass you: ₦1,000 or more per winner (Exclusive)    

NOTE: It is possible for a user to accumulate over 1000 points daily which is equivalent to ₦1, 000. And in a month that is ₦30, 000. And we post over 250 contents daily.

Any other information?

Yes, ensure that you are logged in to collect points. Ensure that you share all sponsored posts; refer at least two people every second week, or  upgrade with card  for premium membership.

What more can I do with my points?

Your points like you said, can be transferred to other users as a gift. You can send all your points or part to friends, as long as you have the balance to perform the transaction. Your points are what determine if you are been paid or not.


There is no limit to how much you can earn from this. On the profile you can find the +CREATE icon(Only for logged in members). Click on it, and you have options to click on the type of news/posts/gist you wish to publish. You can publish an image, a gif, a videos, a story, a trivia, a quiz, open list, ranked list and more.  You. Earn. More. The maximum reward for a post is ₦50, you can earn up to ₦1,000 depending on how many posts containing vital information you shared.

NOTE: All posts are subjected to approval.


HOW TO INTERACT? (suspended at the moment)

You can directly message any user that is online. You can send friend request, accept friend requests, share posts and statuses, and tag others, and more. The website is a community and as such, you can make more friends on it and create chat groups. Click on your profile to explore the community.

HOW TO BUY PRODUCTS? We only sell digital products from books to textbooks to seminars to projects, CV, proposals and more. We pay people to sell their products on our website. Buyers can pay with points or money. We will pay the sellers their money as based on agreement. Contact admins@ncgist.com to get your books listed for sale.

How To Register And Get Started